This applet generates such classics as the Mandelbrot Set and the Sierpinski triangle using iterations.


  • There are two main panels: the left one is used for the main fractal (e.g. the Mandelbrot set), and the right one is used for its Julia set.
  • Select fractal from the pull down menu in the middle. Currently you can choose between three different fractals: the Mandelbrot Set, the Sierpinski Triangle, and "Dragon" which looks like a double Mandelbrot set.
  • Press "Generate" to draw fractal. You can specify the maximum number of iterations using the edit field right next to the "Generate" button.
  • Click anywhere on the Mandelbrot Set to generate the corresponding Julia Set. The C used in the calculation of the Julia Set is shown in the middle column. You can also select a specific Julia Set by changing the C manually and clicking "Generate" in the right side panel.
  • To zoom in, simply left-click and drag for the region to zoom in on. Right-click to zoom out. You can also enter the coordinates of the region you wish to view using the fields at the bottom.
  • If "Show Julia" is checked, then the Julia Set for the point at which your mouse is at will be shown on a little panel on top of the Mandelbrot Set. Unfortunately, this feature is still very buggy when used with a browser.

  • If you should have any comments or questions, please send email to

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